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Dongguan kuaiko plastic products Co., Ltd. focuses on industrial rapid manufacturing integration system. The company's core business covers: R & D and sales of laser rapid prototyping equipment and rapid manufacturing equipment, providing services related to rapid manufacturing, product design, rapid prototyping, rapid mold manufacturing and small-scale production and manufacturing. Since entering the market in 2001, based on the principle of "technology-based and quality first", the company has provided customers with high-quality equipment and various design and rapid prototyping services. In particular, it has accumulated rich service experience in the following industries: automobile, motorcycle manufacturing, biomedical industry, electronics and home appliances industry, and toy crafts industry.
Kuaiko headquarters is currently located in Dongguan City. It has a high-standard independent factory with an area of 32000m2. The existing processing equipment is one SLA laser forming machine, covering various common processing sizes. In addition, there are 12 high-speed CNC numerical control machines, 3 vacuum casting machines, as well as stamping and hardware machining equipment. It has a strong ability to make various precision prototype models and product design and development, and can accurately and efficiently meet the needs of customers for new product development and prototype manufacturing. Kuaiko can provide enterprises with comprehensive and high-quality one-stop product rapid solutions from the sales of rapid prototyping equipment to SLA prototype processing, CNC prototype manufacturing, small batch replica manufacturing and related oil injection, silk screen printing, oxidation, electroplating, etc.
The main technical support unit of kuaiko, the advanced manufacturing technology research institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University, is a pioneer in the field of advanced manufacturing technology research in China. It occupies a leading position in the research and industrialization of product rapid development system and manufacturing automation technology, and has strong technical force. The chairman, academician Lu Bingheng, is an expert and academic leader in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in China. Under his leadership, the SPS series laser rapid prototyping machine produced by Xi'an Jiaotong University has been highly recognized by the majority of users for its good quality and high-quality service. At present, the market share in Guangdong has reached more than 85%.
As a leading enterprise in the industry, kuaiko is committed to continuously improving service quality and providing customers with faster and more accurate rapid manufacturing technology for the international market.
The core competitiveness of kuaiko mainly lies in its technical and management advantages, which are shown as follows:
◇ sufficient SLA equipment and senior rapid manufacturing experience, good at helping customers quickly prototype and product design;
◇ independent R & D capability and strong technical support background;
◇ high standard quality and trustworthy user service.